The Weird Sisters: a Robin, a Ribbon, and a Lawn Mower

Publisher : Owlkids Books (Apr. 15, 2023)

Language : English

Hardcover : 96 pages

ISBN-10 : 1771474599

ISBN-13 : 9781771474597

Ages 6-9

Three sleuthing sisters find unanticipated self-acceptance in book two of this hilarious mystery series.

It’s summer, and the Weird Sisters are convinced that the residents of Covenly aren’t coming to their pet emporium―and newly opened detective agency―because the sisters are too strange. So they decide to let nine-year-old Jessica Nibley teach them how to play on the swing to fit in.

They soon discover the town’s beloved tire swing lying on the ground with its rope severed. Who would do such a thing? And why? Jessica and the sisters are determined to solve the mystery. As they search for clues, they stumble onto a second mystery: the robin that nests at Chelsea Oh’s house has gone missing. So they plan to find both the robin and the swing vandal.

The second book in this whimsical chapter book mystery series is full of clever wordplay, humorous misunderstandings, and expressive illustrations. With hints of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream woven into the plot, this kid-empowering story encourages self-acceptance and open-mindedness in a playful way.

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"Puns, charmingly eccentric characters, and Amelia Bedelia–esque misunderstandings on the parts of the well-meaning but clueless sisters (“Robin!” “We are not robbing”) result in an amusing book for readers transitioning into longer chapter books. Enticing black-and-white illustrations capture the spirit of this quirky tale. The mystery is simple but just right for the target audience. [...] Punny, whimsical fun. (Fiction. 6-9)" ~Kirkus Reviews

The Weird Sisters: a Note, a Goat, and a Casserole


Publisher : Owlkids Books (Apr. 15, 2022)

Language : English

Hardcover : 72 pages

ISBN-10 : 1771474564

ISBN-13 : 9781771474566

Ages 6-9

The first book in a mystery series features three sleuthing sisters.

One spring evening, three strange visitors arrive in the town of Covenly. Sisters Hildegurp, Yuckmina, and Glubbifer are hoping to start fresh with a new business: a pet store! Their first customer is nine-year-old Jessica Nibley, who has lost her pet goat and hopes the sisters can help track it down. But when the sisters discover a mangled note with missing pieces that suggests they aren’t welcome in town, they suddenly have two mysteries to solve.

Jessica and the sisters jump on a broomstick and fly off to investigate. As they collect clues and get closer to solving the cases, Covenly residents start to look beyond the sisters’ unusual appearances and welcome them to the community as they are. 

The first volume in this whimsical chapter book mystery series is filled with hilarious misunderstandings, clever wordplay, and dynamic illustrations. The sleuthing sisters, who are inspired by the three witches from Macbeth (there’s even a recipe for a witch’s stew!), invite Covenly residents and readers to look past appearances and embrace people for who they are, weirdness and all.

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"A satisfying sleuthing adventure for young readers." ~Foreword Reviews

"...[A] series of comical miscommunications and clever wordplay, with overarching themes of tolerance, acceptance, and open-mindedness that will have readers laughing out loud as they race to uncover the mysteries.[...]This engaging beginner chapter book mystery is a welcome addition to most collections, recommended for fans of series such as “Nate the Great,” “The Chicken Squad,” and “Inspector Flytrap.” ~School Library Journal

Publisher : Owlkids Books (Aug. 15, 2021)

Language : English

Hardcover : 32 pages

ISBN-10 : 177147-419-X

ISBN-13 : 978-177147-419-1

Ages 3-7

A tenacious kid digs deep and makes important discoveries.

After a heavy rain exposes a bit of something in his backyard, Caden resolves to dig the treasure up and find out exactly what it is. He tries to enlist the help of his parents and teacher, who are dismissive and disbelieving—but that doesn’t deter Caden from his goal.

Caden’s next-door neighbor, Martha, is the only adult who encourages him to keep digging. Working together, they unearth Caden’s discovery: the giant bones of a prehistoric woolly mammoth! After comically misassembling the massive skeleton, Caden attracts everyone’s attention with his discovery—and finds another treasure in bringing his family together.

Rich yet simple illustrations accompany this funny, kid-empowering story that celebrates scientific inquiry and is based on a true discovery.

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"Score one for quiet persistence." ~Kirkus Reviews

"...Smith's delightful story is brought to life by Snowden-Fine's illustrations." ~The Globe and Mail

"This is scientific inquiry at its best." ~Canlit for Little Canadians

Caravaggio: Signed in Blood

Publisher : Tradewind Books (Feb. 15, 2016)

Language : English

Paperback : 152 pages

ISBN-10 : 189658-005-X

ISBN-13 : 978-189658-005-0

Ages 12-14

In 17th Century Rome, connections are everything. But for 15-year-old Beppo Ghirlandi, an indentured servant accused of murder, there is nowhere to turn. The only one who will help him is the painter from across the Piazza, the madman-genius known as Caravaggio—who, unfortunately, has himself just killed a man. By helping Caravaggio flee, Beppo might just be able to stay alive. 

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"Combining the timeless allure of action and young-love romance with the historically accurate and turbulent life of the painter Caravaggio, this story succeeds on all levels. (Historical fiction. 12-15)" ~Kirkus (Starred Review)

"In his debut work, Smith immerses readers in the fractious political environment and the economic disparities of the painter's time by detailing the sumptuous food and clothing available to the wealthy, the tensions between Caravaggio and his patrons, and the cloak and dagger of the artist and his pursuers. ...Art techniques, from the use of a cadaver to make Caravaggio's rendering of a subject realistic to the purchase and preparation of art supplies and paintings, are also richly portrayed." ~School Library Journal

"...plenty of action and romance..." ~Booklist

"Caravaggio: Signed in Blood quietly educates while keeping readers on the edges of their chairs. Highly Recommended. ****/4 "~CM: Canadian Review of Materials

"The story is told by Beppo himself with plenty of humour and energy. It is full of details that bring the period to life, from the scraping of wine barrels to the operation of a camera obscura in Caravaggio’s studio." ~Historical Novel Society 

"Caravaggio: Signed in Blood provides a convincing story about a specific period of Caravaggio's life but enhances that tale by incorporating the swashbuckling and romantic adventure of an indentured teen boy." ~Canlit for Little Canadians