This is a picture of me as I appeared on a particular date in history. I can almost guarantee I no longer look this way, and if you expect this, and bump into me at the grocery store, I am afraid you will be disappointed. At the very least, I will probably be wearing different clothes.

Like you (presumably) I am interested in words, in their uses both malicious and edifying, in the telling of stories. The better I can tell a story, the better I can understand that Grand Story of which we are all a part. (Was that too philosophical? Not whimsical enough? Sorry.)

When I'm not writing, or thinking about writing, or planning to write, or talking about writing, or listening to others talk about writing, I teach High-school English for the Coquitlam School district. Did I mention that I like to write?

Ā Things you might be interested to know about me: