Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Some photos from Word Vancouver

Here's a post that should have come out a month ago! Ugh.

Word Vancouver: What an excellent way to spend a sunny Sunday in Vancouver.

I happened to run into Aleesah Darlinson, children's writer from Australia, quite by accident. She was in line at the presenters' booth where I was getting my name tag. I heard the unmistakable accent, and guessing that she was one of my fellow panelists, risked the introduction. (I know. I'm quite a sleuth!)

We were early and had a nice opportunity to get acquainted before the rest of the crew arrived.

L to R: Aleesah Darlinson, Janet Whyte, D.R. Graham, Lori Sherritt-Fleming, et moi. Notice the prominent product placement to the lower right. :)

Before the panel began, I learned from Danielle that Nina Matsumoto, penciller for Simpson's comics, was doing "Simpsonized" portraits for $10 next door. I managed to get one done in a mere five minutes!

After the talk, I sat down with Stan Persky to sign a few books for 32 Books, the official bookseller for the Festival.

I like the epithet.

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