Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Book

Caravaggio: Signed in Blood is historical fiction for 12- to 14-year-olds published by Tradewind Books. It follows the adventures of Beppo Ghirlandi, an indentured servant falsely accused of murdering his swindling master, as he flees early 17th Century Rome in the company of the painter known as Caravaggio, himself a wanted man. Their flight takes them through the Italian countryside and south to Naples and Malta, battling bounty hunters, pirates, and Caravaggio's own personal demons in their quest for a pardon. If that weren't enough, the penniless Beppo has fallen in love with the beautiful daughter of a famous--and socially ambitious--courtesan. How can he clear his own name? How can he stop Dolcetta from marrying the man her mother has chosen for her? And how can he protect his new master from vengeful foes, when Caravaggio's greatest enemy seems to be his own troubled mind?

You can find out this October. Stay tuned.

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